Alta Badia - Dolomites, Italy - The Italian Aspen

The Alta Badia region of the Dolomites is a world class skiing destination unique in it's beauty, culture and cuisine. The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This specific valley of the Dolomites mountains consists of six towns: Corvara, San Cassiano, Badia, La Villa, La Val and Colfosco. Alta Badia is also known as Sud Tirol or Sud Tyrol. This confuses people. I'm talking about myself here. Well, as it turns out, they are one in the same. It depends on your perspective; if you are looking at it from an Italian or an Austrian-German point of view (it's way more complex than that having to do with annexing after the war, google it for more info).  Most signage contains both names.  It's Ladin culture and language are well preserved.  Alta Badia is home to 3 Michelin star restaurants. Michelin is cheap with those stars, so this is a high concentration! It has become a foodie destination and hosts as many amazing cuisine events as skiing events. It is an uncrowded, wholesome winter wonderland for kids.  Ski schools abound. The people here are warm and hospitable and the ski instructors are highly skilled.  Let's not forget that the area is also home to my favorite cocktail: the Hugo!  As if the local hiking, skiing, apres-ski imbibing, fine dining and shopping in Alta Badia is not enough, Cortina is a 40 minute drive away. A bit more glam.

There's no mistaking those ragged peachy-pink rock formations as you arrive by car. 

Arriving into the Dolomites by car

The nice thing about skiing here is that the runs are within the tree line. It is so amazingly  beautiful, runs are wide, but also protected from harsh wind. It is more similar to Aspen than Switzerland, where most runs are above the tree line and exposed.

Alta Badia

On the slopes you'll find lots of places to stop for hot chocolate or lunch. If you are out of skiing-shape you'll appreciate this as much as I did.  Las Vegas restaurant is a popular destination, pictured below.

Las Vegas

All of the six villages have ski schools. The children below are very happy after the trophy ceremony in San Cassiano.  Parents love it too. It is affordable and you get to enjoy the slopes as well. Baby sitting with perks. Starting from age 3, kids are put into groups based on their level. They ski until lunch time except the last two days, when they'll have a fun lunch with their instructors and group. The week of lessons ends with a mini slalom "competition" complete with gates, finish line & trophies!

San Cassiano Ski School Trophy Ceremony

Restaurant Recommendations:

Rosa Alpina Hotel, for drinks & the more casual Wine Bar & Grille for delicious pizza. The property also has a 2 Michelin Star restaurant: St. Hubertus, San Cassiano

Baita Pie Tofana for lunch or dinner, Cortina D'Ampezzo

La Tana Dell'Orso "The Bear Den" for lunch or dinner with children, Badia

Armentarola Hotel for lunch right off the slopes on the sundeck (also accessible by car)  or dinner inside the beautiful "mountain modern" hotel's dining room, San Cassiano

La Sieia, dinner, San Cassiano

La Stua De Michil, La Perla Hotel, for fancy (Michelin Star) but cozy-chic dinner in Corvara






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