Linen Dinner Napkins with Scallop Detail

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100% Linen Dinner Napkin made in Italy's Lake Como area.  This elegant napkin was made as a coordinate to the Blue Hydrangea Tablecloth or Placemats but they also stand alone in any tabletop design where you'd want a pop of blue.

This generously sized napkin has just enough blue scallop detail;  only in one corner. Classic & Clean.  A master "sarta" (seamstress) makes sure the delicately hemmed edge transitions perfectly into a scallop.  Italian hostess approved! 

Minimum order of Two, please.

Dimensions:  22" x 22" (56cm x 56cm)

100% Italian Linen

Made in Italy

To Clean:  Simply place in washer on Delicate Cycle with cool water. (Please never use hot water when washing linen.)  While damp, pull the napkin taut on all corners into its original shape. Hang dry.  If you do this well you may not even need to iron the napkin.  If the napkin is not totally smooth, a quick once over with an iron will do the trick.



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